Pediatric Palliative Care


What is community based palliative care?

Community based pediatric palliative care provides an extra layer of support outside of hospitals for children living with serious and life-altering illness or injury and their families.

Your team of health professionals are carefully chosen for your family based on your goals, needs and circumstances.  Starting as early as at the time of diagnosis your team may include physicians, nurses, social work, pastors, therapy services, pain management, & others; each with the goal of increasing your comfort, joy and function each day.


What might palliative care include?

Palliative addresses the question, "How can today be the best day possible?"  Palliative care might include a bed with needed features, pain management, sibling events, speech therapy to improve swallowing, hydrotherapy to relax muscles and improve pain, a visit with a spiritual mentor, family communication training, a tool to help get jars open to maintain independence, etc. 


Coordinated Care

Our comprehensive philosophy includes coordinating with your current providers, specialists, and therapists to ensure coordination between all those currently providing care & a potential road map of what might need to be added in the future. 

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