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Increasing daily comfort, joy and function for patient and family with special needs through Pediatric Palliative Care.

Pediatric Palliative Care

Pediatric Comfort and Medical Care

Special Needs

special needs

We understand children with

special needs & complex diagnosis, 

they are why we are here.

Our medical team specializes in working with children with complex, life-altering medical diagnosis and special needs.  Your 'one of a kind' is at home and understood at Brades' Place. 

Pediatric Palliative Care

pediatric palliative care

Our palliative care goal is 

to make today & each day

 the best day it can be.

We work to increase daily comfort, joy and function for patient & family through palliative care. We coordinate with your existing medical team.

Resources !!!

Information for parents, siblings, patients, caregivers, teachers, health care providers, etc.!

Helen Keller said, "Knowledge is love and light and vision." and we agree!

 Find and share information, strategies, articles, and new ideas.  Connect with others in similar situations.

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Brades' Place is non-profit IRS 501 (c) (3)

Brades' Place is non-profit by intention, the needs of our patients and their families are always our highest priority.