The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

-Herbert Spencer


There is so much to learn when living with medical complexity, and oftentimes the information is hard to find. We have gathered here a few select resources that you may find useful on your journey.

We invite you to browse our growing collection of informative articles, videos, and organizations.


Diagnosis Resources


 Join us as we discuss pediatric palliative care, how to meet the special needs of unique children, and how to find personal wellness as a parent and caregiver raising a medically complex child.


Hard Conversations

Life is full of difficult conversations. Those who live or work with medically complex children have them more often than most, and owe it to themselves to learn how to participate in those conversations effectively.

Let’s look at the Conversation Project; a program developed to help us identify what is important to us, and how to talk about it when things get tough.

Storing Medical Information

Children with medically complex conditions often have a long medical history, several medical team members, and many medications. How can we keep it all straight?

Let’s look at the need for efficient record keeping, and a tool that can help.

Happy Bodies

Children with medical complexities and body-altering diagnoses have bodies that function in unique ways and do not always function the way ‘typical’ bodies do.
Brades’ Place prioritizes taking the time needed to fully understand the history and needs of the patient and their family to create an individualized medical care plan that will meet their medical needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The body of a child with complex illness and its unique traits could be considered foundational for our patients and their families, and this article looks at the connection between our physical bodies and happiness.

We hope this space will continue to grow with useful resources. If you have found support from a resource that you would like to see listed here, please contact us and we will take a look!