Frequently Asked Questions

What does Brades' Place do?

Brades’ Place provides home-based medical care for children with life-long health challenges.  We focus on understanding each child’s unique needs and offer individualized services that help them live their best life.  We start care at the time of diagnosis and are with you every step of the way.  

How is Brades' Place medical care different than all my other doctors?

Holistic care:  Brades’ Place offers a comprehensive, medically complex, holistic focus on your child and adds an extra layer of medical care and support needed for patients and family members to find health and wellness while living with illness.  After identifying each patient’s unique goals for care, we offer services in pursuit of health and wellness for patient and family. 

In your home:  Brades’ Place provides services in your home to best focus on the day-to-day implementation of your child’s medical care.  In your home your child has what they need, and is most comfortable and at ease. This allows for very accurate, comprehensive, and relevant assessments, evaluations, treatments, and discussions about your family’s health care needs and the daily function of your child.   

The whole family:  We also add an additional layer of support called palliative care for the whole child (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and supportive care for their family when living with a life-altering, serious illness.  This includes working with siblings and parents too, not just the patient.  Each family develops a cohesive care plan that addresses the needs, goals, and wishes of each family member.  

Day to day support:  We thoroughly and personally understand the day-to-day challenges that arise when living with life-long illnesses and offer realistic, helpful, individualized solutions for your family.  We then help implement those solutions and are with you every step of the way. 

What do you do that my existing doctor's don't?

The purpose of the added palliative care layer is not to cure the disease, but rather to assist the child in living their best life. Often this means alleviating pain and increasing the child’s functional ability to engage with the world around them.  We come to you in your home, we focus on identifying medical challenges that are still problematic, we offer emotional and spiritual services, and we work with the patient, their caregivers, and their siblings.  Comprehensive care for your whole family exactly where and when you need it! 

Why do you include emotional and spiritual care?

We recognize the difficulties that go along with caring for a child with medical complexities.  We believe that many complications can be avoided by providing caregivers, including siblings, with the emotional and spiritual supports that they need in order to maintain their own health and wellness while caring for their loved one.   

We recognize the importance of family resilience and offer services to strengthen and support caregivers and siblings. 

What do you mean by Physical Medical care?

While some medical practices have a few patients with medically unique situations, our entire practice is designed for physically unique patients. We work with you to fully understand their body, the way it functions, and how they will develop.  This is critical when managing medically complex health or serious illness. We also expand physical medical care beyond focusing on symptoms and medications to include daily health matters such as mobility, communication, developmental needs, personal interactions, and comfort. 

What do you include in Emotional care?

At Brades’ Place, we attend to the emotional effects of long-term illness for both patient and family by fostering resilience, improving coping strategies, bolstering stress management skills, increasing emotional intelligence, and prioritizing sibling needs and caregiver fatigue.  In our most recent poll, 98% of the Utah respondents indicated that living with serious illness without the needed supports causes them ‘severe negative impacts their emotional and physical health.’  We help access or provide the supports needed for each family to empower emotional wellness and meet the goals that are most important for them to be emotionally resilient and healthy. 

What do you mean by Spiritual care?

Our spiritual care services focus on empowering personal connection to clarify purpose and meaning for you and your child and stands separate from religion.  We work with you to promote reconciliation with the past, peace in the present, and hope for the future.  We facilitate discussions centered on the patient and their family’s values and beliefs around life, purpose, and meaning; as well as meaningful practices that empower these beliefs.  By strengthening these perspectives on an individual and family basis, we find that the daily challenges are more easily managed, and stress and expectations are handled with much less drain and disruption. 

How can we live within health and wellness while living with long term illness?

Some people view being healthy and well to be the same as having disease free bodies.  Brades’ Place believes that health and wellness can be obtained while living with long-term illness.  We work diligently with you to identify your specific health needs and goals and build a care plan to accomplish them.  This wellness plan begins with addressing the challenges that exist, removing barriers to needed care, and addressing caregiver and sibling needs.  By supporting what is most important to you, your family is able to achieve your own state of wellness and live your best life, while living with your unique medical challenges.