Selfish or Selfless? 3 Steps to donate online while shopping with Amazon Smile

Support your charity of choice while shopping online with Amazon Smile! Help others while you help yourself by following these simple steps.

Written by Community Spotlight

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Published March 11, 2022

Online shopping is often looked at as a selfish activity. The convenience of it fulfils the urge within us for immediate gratification. Clicking “add to cart” for the thrill of purchasing something you’ve had your eye on for weeks ignites something within us all that fulfils a selfish desire. Must the online shopping process be so egocentric?

Amazon Smile is a donation platform that allows shoppers to donate while purchasing products. Yes- you can buy something for yourself and still give to others simultaneously. So, instead of stressing over selfish habits, read on to find out how you can donate to families in need in three easy steps, all while treating yourself.


Step #1: Sign up through Amazon using your regular login or create an Amazon account.

The process is quite easy. For starters, make sure you either have your Amazon login ready, or create a standard Amazon account. Once you have ensured that you have a regular Amazon account, it’s smooth sailing on out.


Step #2: Select Brades’ Place as your designated charity.

Click here to visit the Brades’ Place website- a charity which donates to families with children who have special needs. They make the process of donating easy and accessible. You will be brought to the Amazon Smile tab on their website. Simply click “Go to”

Once you’ve arrived at the Amazon Smile page, you should see a description of what you’re about to sign up for. The heading “Support Brades Place” indicates that you are about to sign up to donate “0.5% of the price of eligible purchases.” Click “Start Shopping,” then agree to shopping with when you wish to donate a portion of your purchase to the charity. (It is important to note that you must always shop with Amazon using this specific link; otherwise, your purchases will not be donated.)


Step #3: Go on a shopping/donating spree!

 Here comes the fun part! Start shopping for whatever it is you might purchase anyways. That’s right! You can buy that shirt, those shoes, or even groceries all while donating! Be aware, however, that some purchases may not be eligible according to Amazon Smile’s protocols.

If the product is eligible, you will see the Amazon Smile logo underneath the product you are purchasing. It should read “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation.” Then, you know where your money is going! With each purchase, 0.5% of the money spent will be donated to Brades’ Place. See where selfishness and selflessness meet?


Happy shopping!


It really is the best of both worlds. Now, whenever you go to shop, you can rest assured that you are donating to a cause which will benefit families in need of medical supplies, emotional support, and palliative care. Not sure what palliative care is? Click here to learn more about how exactly the proceeds collected from Amazon Smile are being utilized. You will be surprised at the difference your online shopping experience can make in a family’s life.

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