December 22nd- Beach Day

Enjoy good vibes and feelings of fun in the sun and relaxation. Discover the wonders of the ocean!

December 23rd- Polar Express

All aboard the train to Christmas magic, the North Pole, and the holiday fun!

December 26th- Super Hero and Disney

Join your favorite superheroes and Disney characters on a journey to discover your own superpowers!

December 27th- Animal Safari

Join furry four-legged friends for a fun-filled day of activities.  Learn about different animals and enjoy the on-site petting zoo.

December 28th- Celebrating You

What makes you amazing, strong, and one of a kind? Learn how bodies work, emotions are awesome, why we are each unique, and what happiness means to you.

December 29th- Winter Fun

“Snow” much fun with engaging winter crafts, games, and activities with friends!

December 30th- New  Years Party

Enjoy the day away with New Year’s fun, dance parties, walking the red carpet, photos included!  Learn how to make goals work for you.

January 2nd- World Explorers

Come with us on safari, to the rain forest: enjoy new cultures; and discover how fun happens all around the world!