3 Essential Tips To Consider Before Donating This Giving Tuesday

Donate to charity with confidence this holiday season, with these quick tips!

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Published November 11, 2021

What is your own personal impact on the lives of others around you? Have you ever really thought about that before?

The truth is you have the opportunity every day to help someone in need. That may sound like a daunting proposal, but rest assured, it’s really not as tough as you might think.

If you know you want to donate, where do you go first? What do you do first? Doing some simple research is key to figuring out where to put your money.

Lending help to someone can be simple and hold amazing benefits for both sides. Here are 3 tips to consider when you are looking to donate to a specific organization.

1) Is This Charity Legit?

It’s important to know before you donate if the cause you want to support is actually who they say they are.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where good people looking to make a difference, (such as yourself) can be scammed by fraudulent individuals. You can avoid this happening to you by doing some research before you press that donate button.

Some of that research should include:

  • Looking for a reliable history of the charity
  • Checking to see if they have a verification Seal from a 3rd party, like Guidestar
  • Searching reviews of the charity and for testimonials of previous donors.

2) What is the Cause?

People donate to charities for many various reasons. One that you should strongly consider is, “What is their mission?”

Is the charity able to clearly establish their mission to you?

Their message can usually be found on a company’s website. Search Google for come causes that you feel comfortable supporting.

3) What are the Benefits?

For them?

The first two steps should be able to help you navigate to a non-profit that is fit for your donation. Once you have found that place, what next? Something you should consider is what are some benefits for the people you are helping? Here are some things to consider.

  • What impact is your money making on them?
  • Can you see a direct impact from your donation?

For me?

There are lots of good reasons to donate. You do your part in helping others out, and in turn, there are a lot of benefits for you as well.
Some of these include…
  • Tax deductions from donations, see more about that here
  • Promote awareness for a good cause
  • The satisfaction of making a real difference in someone’s life
  • A study from Utah State University found that those who give to non-profits generally live happier lives

Wrap Up

If you are donating your money, you should be confident in the source that you are giving to. If you consider these 3 tips listed above, you will find the right organization to donate to and see that your part matters.
You have an opportunity to make a change! Look forward to the opportunity to do so.

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